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What is a physio?

Physiotherapy is carried out by a practitioner registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and The Health and Care Professionals Council. A physiotherapist can guide somebody back from disability or injury via movement and exercise, education, manual therapy and advice. Generally, a holistic or 'whole person' approach is taken, meaning lifestyle and day-to-day activities are considered to create an individualised treatment plan.

What can a physio treat?

A physiotherapist can treat people of all ages and can treat a variety of conditions. Most people who have had surgery will require physiotherapy to return to their daily activity and sport. Ankle sprains, knee impact injuries to adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), neck spasm and rotator cuff shoulder injuries all require the help of a physiotherapist for manual therapy and specific strength work.

Are there specialist physiotherapists?

Yes, there are physiotherapists who work in GP surgeries called First Contact Practitioners. There are also Advanced physiotherapists who may be able to give ultrasound-guided steroid injections and read MRI scans, and specialist physiotherapists who may have undertaken further education to be able to treat the pelvic floor or diastasis recti.


Liz Brown MSc MCSP Specialist Physiotherapist at Alma Physiotherapy in Bristol

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