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Caru Living Wheat Bag

A great product to provide heat to painful areas of the body. These wheat bags are sustainably made locally by Christina and Dianne.


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EPI-NO Delphine Plus is an innovative birth training device, available in the UK and Ireland.

From 37 weeks it teaches you to relax the pelvic floor muscles and from 37 weeks, it gently stretches the perineum, reducing the risk of tearing and mentally prepares you for childbirth. 


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Liz's Recommended Products

Below are a few of Liz's favourite products that she has found work well in helping her clients during their rehabilitation journey.

Liz does not receive commission for sales of these products.

Neurotrac MyoPlus Pro

An electrical stimulation device which allows measurement and stimulation of the pelvic floor for vaginal and anal rehabilitation. 

Often used for pelvic floor downtraining or colorectal complaints.

Neen vaginal and anal probes are recommended for use, along with guidance from your pelvic practitioner.

Cachito Handmade


Cachito Handmade is a Bristol based company run by Merc & Max in Bedminster. They handmake soaps, deodorant and muscle rub.

 Ideal natural relief for:
· sports injuries · gym aches · headaches · back & neck ache · general stiffness and soreness · arthritis · bruises · massage gel ·

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