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Nerve Pain

Acupuncture & massage can ease the nervous system, while optimising your posture via specific strength work can prevent further compression in your day to day life.

Mummy MOT®

Pelvic floor assessment and diastasis recti (tummy gap) assessment by a trained pelvic physiotherapist will allow you to return to your fitness safely and with tailored advice for your body. Recommended for new (& not-so-new) mums with or without incontinence symptoms.

Back & Neck Pain

Movement, awareness and strength is key to prevent ongoing back and neck pain. Massage or acupuncture may be used to ease off initial tension, then yoga, pilates or weight training will assist in preventing re-occurance.


Alma Physiotherapy is a forward thinking physiotherapy clinic, where your health goals are aligned with your lifestyle. Accurate assessments allow a streamlined and prioritised exercise program just for you, so you don't need to waste time. You will learn about your body to help prevent the issue from recurring!

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Alma Physiotherapy Womens Health Physio Bristol Logo